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This course introduces the student to the practical and effective implementation of continual improvement using process behavior analysis for consistent output that is on-target with minimum variation. The techniques covered in this course will be useful to all functions within the manufacturing & service industries. This includes traditional areas of implementation such as quality control, product testing, research & development; as well as more recent successes in the sales, marketing, health care & customer service functions where an accelerating number of case histories are available for study. Process Behavior Analysis goes beyond traditional SPC by providing a comprehensive management system that progresses the advantages of Walter Shewhart's classical method of understanding process variation to satisfy the demanding business requirements of the twenty-first century. The student will be strongly encouraged to analyze data from everyday work situations. (Student comments!)


Continual Improvement using Process Behavior Analysis

Class Graduates - Fall Semester 2007

The Record, Rockaway NJ

Front row: John King, Nancy Chang, Jacqueline Wilson-Franks, Gordon Popan

Center row: Carl Perini (instructor), Antoinette Senise, Barbara Ritacco, Susan Serradilla-Smarth

Back row: Frank P. Berry Jr., Michael Ruiz  

General Process Behavior topics include:

· Approaches to Variation
· Shewhart’s Process Behavior Charts
· Capability, Stability, and World Class Quality
· Using Process Behavior Charts for Continual Improvement
· From Where do Those Chart Constants Come?
· Getting Started

Advanced Process Behavior topics include:

· The Shewhart Catechism
· The Four Foundations of Shewhart’s Charts
· Statistics versus Parameters
· Estimating Dispersion Parameters
· Calculating Limits with Small Amounts of Data
· Power Functions for Process Behavior Charts
· The Characterization of Product

Instructor: Carl Perini

Carl Perini is a member on the Corporate Quality staff of International Specialty Products. Concurrently he is the Chairperson of the ASQ North Jersey Education Committee. His degrees include an MS in Organic Chemistry from Adelphi University and BA in Chemistry & Education from Queens College CUNY. He is a senior member of ASQ and has the following certifications: CPGP, CQA & CSSBB.

Perini has direct experience in a broad number of high technology industries including pharmaceutical, microelectronics, polymers & chemicals, aerospace & telecommunications, as well as all aspects of electrical & mechanical assembly. He has had the good fortune of serving as the chief Materials & Process Engineer for the design, production, and integration of the electronic payload employed on the GPS satellite system.

In addition to over fifteen years of professional support for quality management system initiatives such as ISO 9001, Perini has run successful SPC-based continual improvement programs that have resulted in sustainable cost benefit along with enhanced operational productivity.

Perini has also had the opportunity to study under Donald J. Wheeler who is the author of the textbooks used for the section’s courses on Continual Improvement using Process Behavior Analysis.

Student Comments:

"The instruction, discussions, and assignments were as relevant and practical as the tool set. The additional help the instructor provided charting and interpreting our own data will prove to be the jump-start we need when class ends." Mike R.
"The instructor knew this material exceptionally well and presented it clearly and concisely." Barbara R.
"Text material was excellent." John K.
"It was a good class. I would have liked additional time to do even more chart examples since the applicaltion is universal." Jacqueline W.
"This was an interesting course. I think that the information is useful and we will apply it." Frank B.
"The instructor did a fine job in presenting this class. The information is relevant & I hope it expands to use the other textbooks handed out." Gordon P.
"The opportunity to analyze actual production data has helped me to better understand the application of Process Behavior Analysis." Nancy C.

Main 2008 & 2009 Class location is

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church

Hillview Ave.

Morris Plains NJ 07950


Alternate Class location is:

Parsippany United Methodist Church
903 South Beverwyck Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Map link: PUMC Directions

Class Schedule:

Registration is now open for:

2008: September, October, November, December

2009: January, February

Class Schedule: 36 hours for general, 36 hours for advanced

Class time: Saturday mornings

The St. Pauls course is now also open for public registration.

Registration is always open for onsite courses which we'll be happy to run at your own facility.

Carl Perini Education Committee Chairperson
ASQ North Jersey Section

Mailing Address
PO Box 4961 Wayne, NJ 07470-4961

Tuition: $795 if simultaneously registering for both courses (72 hours total)
Tuition for separate registration: Introduction is $495, Advanced is $495


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