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Bryant & Stratton College

APA Style Information

Based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Connection, 6th ed.

Created simply by Melodie Fox, Dean of Instruction, Milwaukee

With efforts from Molly McKnight, Lloyd Daub, Jan Kamholtz, and librarians and school across the Bryant & Stratton College program. Bryant & Stratton College or university APA Design Guide Rev. 4/28/10

one particular

Bryant & Stratton University

APA Design Guide

Information should assist you to determine citation format for a few of the options most commonly used simply by students by Bryant & Stratton School. If you need deeper assistance, you can consult the APA‟s Newsletter Manual or other APA resources on campus. You can even consult an English instructor or possibly a librarian. Bear in mind that APA assets occasionally vary or demand a judgment call. Be sure to adhere to your instructors‟ preferences.

This guide includes brief sections on formatting:

In-text citations

Guide pages

Research page entries for origin available at print and electronically Reference page items for different non-text resources

Overall daily news layout

In order to avoid plagiarism, the paper must include all the following: In-text citations that direct the reader to a particular source for the reference list (ofcourse not just putting a URL or perhaps title in parentheses).

Total reference articles, not just a set of websites.

Estimate marks about all words quoted directly from the source, except if it is over 40 phrases and indented (see test paper pp. 18-24 for examples). Likewise,

Copyright and fair employ laws state that only a small percentage of a source can be used in a paper. An excellent rule of thumb should be to quote below 15% associated with an article. Pasting a whole article or a significant portion of 1, even if you report it, is usually not allowed. The paper should consist mainly of your own words and ideas. Please view the student code of carry out for more definitions of academic duplicity. You may need agreement to use photos and other design from websites. Consult the site‟s use guidelines for permission.

These types of rules affect any college student work, including PowerPoint delivering presentations, business reports, graphics, cards, journals, e-mails, or any other type of function. -Computer advice when this guide label Microsoft Phrase 2007

-Your online category or your English instructor may direct you to the References bows in Phrase 2007 for producing APA info, but this could require a school lesson to be effective. Using this guidebook and making your personal citations is usually preferable for some students.

Bryant & Stratton College APA Style Guideline Rev. 4/28/10


Basic Rules: In-text Citations

In-text citations need 3 components of information:

a. Author‟s last-name (If simply no author, use the abbreviated subject in offer marks) w. Year released (If not any date, use n. d. )

c. Page quantity for print out sources or paragraph number for electric sources. Should you be citing a PowerPoint business presentation, use the slip number (for all direct quotations or paraphrases—only summaries do not include this part).


Print out



(Smith, 2000, p. 45).

(Smith, 2150, para. 10).

No publisher

(" Comparing Apples, ” 2000, l. 45). *

(" Assessing Apples, ” 2000, ¶ 10).

No date

(Smith, n. d., p. 45).

(Smith, and. d., em virtude de. 10).


(" Assessing Apples, ” n. d., p. 45).

(" Comparing Apples, ” n. d., ¶ 45).



(Coca-cola, 1999, p. 13).

(Coca-cola, 1999, para. 4).


Origin w/no






Organizations apply an phrase:

Organizations that use an phrase:

(American Catalogue Association [ALA], 2000,

(American Catalogue Association [ALA], 2150, para. 2).

p. 14).

After the first one: (ALA, 2150, p. 14).

After the first one: (ALA, 2000, para. 2).

(Centers intended for Disease Control [CDC], 1999,

(Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS], 06\, para. 8).

p. 223).

The agency name changes the author if perhaps there After the first one: (BLS, 2000, pra. 8). can be...

Citations: (Smith, 2000, s. 45).

(Smith, 2000, em virtude de. 10).

(Coca-cola, 1999, p. 13).

(Coca-cola, 1999, afin de. 4).

Businesses that use a great acronym:

(American Library Affiliation [ALA], 2000,

(American Library Affiliation [ALA], 2000, para. 2).

Following the first one: (ALA, 2000, p. 14).

Following the first one: (ALA, 2000, afin de. 2).

(Centers for Disease Control [CDC], 1999,

(Bureau of Labor Figures [BLS], 2006, em virtude de

The agency name eliminates the author if there Following the first one: (BLS, 2000, afin de. 8).

(Smith, 2000, Findings section, para. 3).

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