Google Business

 Google Business Essay

In 2012 Google hit $50 billion in revenue.

Normal Google queries per day 5. 1 billion

Site indexed 50 billion

Google Search:

How it works:

60 trillion+ individual pages every single page is definitely crawled (user can decide whether his page will be crawled or not) held in index (over 90 million gigabytes) algorithms rank of internet pages based on freshness, page quality … more than two hundred factors removal of spam notification to the owners to fix spams Knowledge chart

Connecting carefully related objects in a understanding graph for a better search result Data engine understanding engine (bringing together the collective human wisdom) Best selling Internet Products| Annual Sales| Market Share| Software, Literature, Music, Flowers| $37. 05 billion| 26 %

Computer Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Workplace Supplies| $22. 8| 16 %| Attire, Footwear, Jewelry, Linens / Home Decor| $26| 13 %| Health, Beauty, Food and Beverage| $11. 4| 8 %

Toys, Video Games, Sporting Goods| $9. 975| 7 %

Small Appliances, Household furniture, Tools, Back garden Equipment| $4. 275| three or more %

Rank| Rank of Best Selling Internet Products

1| Women's Clothing

2| Books

3| Computer Hardware

4| Software applications

5| Clothes

6| Toys and games / Game titles

7| Video tutorials DVD's

8| Health and Splendor

9| Electronic devices

10| Music --> selling doodle products Toolbar:

Google Chrome:

Google Drive:

About 15 GB free space

Docs, sheets, 35mm slides, quick workplace, Keep, Varieties, Drawings, App scripts, blend tables Maps for mobile phone, Search for mobile phone, Youtube, Picture search, Reports, Books:

Read on the web … directed to vendors in the event u wish 2 get the book Picasa:

Set up, edit and promote photos


Explore the earth in photographs

Weblog search, Yahoo Scholar, Alert, Trends, Travel, calendar, Gmail, translate, Calendar Google Impair Print

Blogger, Organizations, Hangouts, Orkut, Groups


Google Programmers is now the area to find most Google programmer documentation, resources, events, and products.

Business structure

Ppc, Adsense, Double Click

In Mar 2008, Google acquired DoubleClick for US$3. 1 billion dollars Google in cloud

Upon Tuesday, nevertheless , it will declare pricing, features and performance assures aimed at companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals. PUBLIC IMPAIR. Take Snapchat, the photo-swapping service that recently rejected a multibillion-dollar takeover offer from Facebook. It operations 4, 000 pictures another on Google's servers nevertheless is just 2 years old and has fewer than 30 workers. The company began working with a Google services that helps small companies produce applications and was picked by Google to be an early customer of its impair.

Amazon's cloud, called Amazon . com Web Services, was probably the master of the general public cloud and for now is the largest player. Amazon online marketplace says their cloud features " numerous thousands" of customers. Although most of these are persons and small enterprises, it also counts big names just like Netflix, which will stopped building its own info centers in 2008 and was completely on Amazon's cloud simply by 2012. All of Amazon's companies are run inside that cloud, as well.

October, 2013 smartphone industry:

Apple ranked because the top smartphone manufacturer with 40. 6th percent ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING market share, while Google Android led as the #1 smart phone platform with 52. a couple of percent program market share. Google Sites placed as the very best mobile mass media property, whilst Facebook was your top individual app.

Share (%) of Mobile phone Subscribers

Jul-13| Oct-13| Stage Change

Total Mobile Subscribers| 100. 0%| 100. 0%| N/A

Apple| 40. 4%| 40. 6%| 0. 2

Samsung| 24. 1%| twenty-five. 4%| 1 ) 3

Motorola| 6. 9%| 7. 0%| 0. 1

HTC| 8. 0%| 6. 7%| -1. 3

LG| 6. 8%| 6. 6%| -0. 2

Share (%) of Smart phone Subscribers

Jul-13| Oct-13| Stage Change

Total Smartphone Subscribers| 100. 0%| 100. 0%| N/A

Android| 51. 8%| 52. 2%| 0. 5

Apple| forty five. 4%| forty five. 6%...


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