Commercial Attachment Statement

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

1st Bi- regular monthly Report

Attachment program: Abroad internship system

Term: Wang xiaoxu (S10066300G)

Company: Terasaki Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Supervisors: Mr Cheong kin being sung

Date of attachment: 3 rd Sep 2012 — very first Feb 2013

Date of submission: 31st Oct 2012


* About Terasaki Pg three or more — 6th

* About internship Pg 7 — 23

* Summary Pg 24

5. Conclusion Pg 25

5. Appendix Pg 26 — 27


* History

1923| TERASAKI ELECTRIC WORKS, the antecedent of TERASAKI ELECTRIC, was established in Konohana-ku, Osaka, on March 1 and started developing switches, circulation boards, and switchboards. | Until 1940s| Period when ever switch, division board and switchboard businesses expanded. | Late 1940s| Succeeded in developing of Japan's first MCCB (breaker). Entered the electric gear market pertaining to ships reacting to the shipbuilding policy of the Japanese federal government. | 1950s| Established its position as the very best manufacturer of power division control devices for sea use. Founded former TERASAKI ELECTRIC COMPANY., LTD. after re-organization. | 1960s| Started development and commercialization of applied electronic devices products to get vessels. Designed kinds of devices for ocean automation.

Started out domestic sales of circuit breakers.

Been successful in expanding the current-limit breakers, that has been a brilliant invention. Contracted with vendors in 10 countries in Europe intended for exporting circuit breakers. | 1970s| Established sales offices and factories in The united kingdom, Singapore, and Brazil. Founded YABAKEI SEISAKUSHO CO., LIMITED. in Oita pref.

Sent a number of electricity distribution systems for Offshore Oil Machine. | 1980s| Received the transfer of operations from former TERASAKI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. and reorganized current TERASAKI ELECTRICAL CO., LTD. Commercialized electronic digital equipment and systems in response to needs for stock automation. Established TERATEC LIMITED. & TERAMECS CO., LIMITED.

Product sales of co-generation system improved rapidly.

Founded sales offices and factories in Malaysia, Spain, and Italy. | 1990| Prevailed in growing the ocean total automation system, TERANET32. Established an office and manufacturer in Guangzhou China.

Attaining ISO 9000 certification whatsoever domestic and overseas offices. | 2000s| Attaining ISO 14001 qualification at all home offices. Set up a revenue office in Sweden.

Founded Shanghai workplace in China.



Attaining ISO 13485 certification at domestic office.

Listed on the Jasdaq Securities Exchange.

Established the workplace and manufacturing plant in Shanghai in china China.

5. Products

| •Marine Devices Division:

Electrical power distribution systems, Engine monitoring & control systems, Basic instrumentation Onshore power supply system (AMP)

•Industrial Devices Division:

Power division systems, Co-generation system,

Self-employed generation plant(distributed power supply),

System architectural,

Electronic equipment and system pertaining to factory motorisation, Monitoring & control program, Medical equipment and tools

•Circuit Breakers Division:

Molded Case Signal Breakers(MCCB),

Air flow Circuit Breakers(ACB),

Earth-leakage Signal Breakers(ELCB),

Little Circuit Breakers(MCB),

TemMesure(Power monitoring Equipment),

TemMonitor(Energy management system & software),

Routine breaker airport terminal temperature screen,

MCT(Multi-Cable Transit) * Market ProjectsReference Comprehensive Experience and Technological Encounter are the important factors to TERASAKI's creation of durable and reliable electric switchboards and control devices for the marine, just offshore industrial and commercial sectors. В· S'pore Technologies 28000 dwt TLC Floating Ipod dock В· MODEC FPSO Alteration Projects В· Thai Essential oil LPG Companies В· The...


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