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 M Myself Essay


L. O. FIELD: 2836


Business studies task:

A simple analysis on promoting service " rent a car”


Project work submitted by:

Faiza yousaf

In part fulfillment of the requirements

Intended for class XII course (2012-2013)

Supervised by simply: Ms. Komathi. J


This is to certify that Mr. as well as Ms. Faiza yousaf

Of class XII of Ideal Of india School, Doha Qatar offers completed His / her project under my supervision. He / she features taken good care and indicates utmost sincerity in completion of his / her job.

I certify that this job is upto my expectation and as per the guidelines granted by CBSE.

Principal Ms. Komathi. T mrs. Rubyniza (P. G. T. Accountancy/ (P. G. T. Organization studies)





This can be to approve that Mr. /Ms. Faiza yousaf

Of class XII has done the accountancy task work during

The educational year 2012-13 at the Suitable Indian University Doha-Qatar His/her examination rotate no . is _________________

Day: _____________ Unsecured personal of PGT business research

Submitted towards the all India Senior College Certificate

Examination in business research (practical) conducted in Suitable Indian College, Doha Qatar on ______________

Internal Reviewer, evaluator External Reviewer, evaluator ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

I would like to convey my own heartfelt because of Ms. Komathi. J, my own business studies teacher who always offered me valuable recommendations and guidance for the completing my job. She helped me understand please remember important details of the job.

Name from the student: Faiza Yousaf

Roll Number: _________________



1 . three or more. 4. 5. | Advantages * Hire a car 5. How hire a acr services operate * Business models * Types of vehicles 2. Rental circumstances * Location * Goal * conditionsPermissions/Licenses to start a Travel Agency Avis rent an auto i) Company Profile ii) Leading hire a car iii) Avis network iv) Company logo v) Tagline vi) Conditions vii) Awards and Recognitions 5 Competitive rent a vehicle companies. Mythology i) Assessment ii) Results and Suggestions iii) Synopsis and Summary iv) Encounter v) Bibliography | |

Aims / targets

This job is designed so as to be used simply by Car Rental Firm specializing in booking cars to customers. This can be a system whereby customers may book cars for rent in respect to their likings and tastes  Introduction


A car rental or car hire agency is a company that rents automobiles for short durations (generally including a few hours to a couple weeks) to get a fee. It is organized with numerous local branches (which allow a user to return a vehicle to a different location), and primarily located near airports or busy city areas and sometimes complemented by a website allowing online reservations. Rental cars agencies primarily serve those who a car that is temporarily placed safely out of the way or away of support, for example travelers who are out of town or owners of destroyed or damaged vehicles who have are anticipating repair or insurance compensation. Because of the various sizes of their vehicles, rental cars agencies may also serve the self-moving industry needs, by renting vans or trucks, and in selected markets various other vehicles including motorcycles or scooters can also be offered. Along with the basic local rental of a car, car rental agencies typically also offer extra goods such as insurance,  global placement system (GPS) navigation systems, entertainment devices, and even things like mobile phones.

Just how Car Rental Companies Work�

A car rental is actually a vehicle that can be used temporarily for a period of time using a...

Bibliography: ww. rentacardoha. comwww.alsulaimancar.comwww.thousandsrentacar.comwww.avisqatar.comwww.google.comwww.wikipedia.comwww.budget.comwww.thrifty.comwww.answers.yahoo.com


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