Motivational Presentation

 Motivational Talk Essay

Name: Sw3 Walsh

Matter: Breakfast

Proposition: Students should eat breakfast.

General Purpose: To convince.

Specific Purpose: Statement of coverage.


I. Opening Statement of Interest

A. Explanation (s) to Listen

B. Speaker Credibility

C. Thesis Statement

Begin with an Attention Stage that is an:

Opening affirmation of interest (use one or more in the following): 2. A rhetorical question

2. A startling statement

2. A quote

* A great illustration or perhaps story

2. A reference to the subject

* A reference to the occasion

Motivate audience interest in the subject simply by alluding to: (use more than one of the following): * The practical benefit of the details for your market * Grounds to listen

2. The audience's sense of curiosity

Create your trustworthiness by:

* Alluding to the first-hand experience you may have acquired

* Alluding to sources of information you may have consulted

Offer orienting material by: (use one or more with the following): * Previewing main points

* Identifying any technical terms that you will be using


II. Statement of Will need

A. Example

B. Implications

1 .

2 .

C. Directed

There are probably two types of needs (your speech uses one of these): * To urge a change-point out what's wrong with present conditions 2. To require preservation of present conditions-point out the risk of a change The Need Stage is developed by:

5. Illustration: Tell of one or more situations to demonstrate the need * Ramifications: Employ as many further facts, illustrations, and quotations as are required to make the need convincingly impressive. * Pointing: Show it is importance towards the individuals in the audience.


III. Statement of Solution

A. Explanation of Solution

W. Theoretical Demonstration

1 .

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