Planning Dissertation

City Housing Task Company

A Case Study

Submitted to:

Prof. Dina Remoto-Wong

Submitted by simply:

Ced Nina V. Palomar

Jycyrr Joshua B. Dolor

Hannah Elegance R. Teodosio

Jessa A. Ventoliro

Spyro Arnold G. Leduna

Dyck Nouwen Sixth is v. Cedino

Group 5

January 11, 2013

Metropolitan Enclosure Project Firm

Central Issue


The Metropolitan Housing Project Business has to find a way to increase money balance to pay debts, at the same time, not incur a loss, and increase revenue.

Objectives with the Management:

1 . To settle almost all liabilities in accordance with the task

2 . To improve the cash stability to P2. 348M

three or more. To full site expansion and,

4. To sell every residential lots


Alternate Courses of Action

1 . Acquire a loan and us the bucks to full site advancement.

Advantage: The corporation, having enough money, should be able to complete web page development so that it may open up and start earning to be able to negotiate all exceptional liabilities. Drawback: The company raises its debt.

installment payments on your Improve most residential lots and the area around the vicinity of the property through adding compound establishments. This can be achieved through completing the road road resulting in the site and adding services such as recreational facilities, club, etc .

Benefits: More buyers will be encouraged to buy non commercial lots seeing that everything they need are already in a single place, thus, increasing the revenue. Cons: The company can incur more expenses.

a few. Advertise the housing project to the public and persuade investors through presenting to them forecasted sales studies and studies pertaining to the project.

Benefits: More traders may devote their money for the project as well as, knowledge of the site will permit others to obtain lots forward. As a result, capital for the project is usually...

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