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Work satisfaction in terms of one's sense or mind-set regarding characteristics of their work. Job canВ be influenced by simply variety of factors like quality of one's romance with their supervisor, quality of physical environment in which they work, level of fulfilment inside their work, and so forth Positive attitude towards work are similar to job fulfillment where as adverse attitude towardsВ job has been defined variously from time to time. In short job satisfaction is known as a person's attitude towards task. В

Work satisfaction is definitely an attitude which usually results from balancing & summation of many particular likes and dislikes knowledgeable in connection with the job- their particular evaluation may well rest typically upon their success or failure in the achievement of personal objective and upon perceived combination of theВ job and combination towards these types of ends. Relating to pestonejee, Job fulfillment can be accepted as a summation of employee's feelings in four essential areas. They are:

1 . Job-nature of work (dull, dangerous, interesting), hours of work, fellow personnel, opportunities on the job for advertising and advancementВ (prospects), overtime regulations, interest in operate, physical environment, В and equipment and tools.

2 . Management- supervisory treatment, participation, benefits and punishments, praises andВ blames, leaves coverage andВ favouritism.

a few. Social relations- friends and associates, friends, attitudes towardsВ people in community, В participation in social activity socialibility and caste hurdle.

4. Personal adjustment-health and emotionality.

Work satisfaction is a crucial indicator of how employeesВ feel of their job and a predictor ofВ work behavior such as organizational citizenship, Absenteeism, Turnover.

Work satisfaction benefits the organization comes with reduction in problems and issues, absenteeism, proceeds, and termination; as well as better punctuality and worker comfort.

Task satisfaction is also linked with a healthier work force and has become found toВ be a good indicator ofВ longevity. Work satisfaction can be not synonyms with company morale, whichВ the possessions of feeling haveВ being accepted simply by and owned by a group of workers through devotedness to prevalent goals and confidence in desirability of the goals.

Well-being is the function of the group, while job pleasure is more an individual state of mind.

Task Satisfaction is the feeling a staff gets when the job this individual does fulfils all his expectations. Although morale identifies the frame of mind of the staff of an business andВ is a group concept, Task satisfaction isВ the feeling of someone employee. В Job satisfaction continues to be defined asВ aВ pleasurable emotional express resulting from the appraisal of one's job; and affective reaction toone's job; and an attitude towardsВ one's job. В Job Pleasure can beВ an important indicator ofВ how staff feel about their jobs and p predictor of work behaviors such as company citizenship, absenteeism, and turnover.


* To discover the various expectations that determines the fulfillment level of personnel. * To measure the level of satisfaction of employees with regards to the company. 5. To judge the amount of satisfaction of employees on various variables. * Doing work conditions

2. Salary structures/perquisites/other benefits

5. Relationship with employees of company

* Policies of company


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