Torsion Testing

 Torsion Tests Essay

Torsion Assessment

Sharmini Jegachandra Mohan

Group members

Cheok Jia Shiung

Sameer Razi Ansari

Yeap Dee Ken

Cynthia Gan Xin Lin

School of Engineering

Taylor's University

Day of Test: 30. 03. 2011

Report due date: 6. 04. 2011

Report submitter date: 6. 04. 2011

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30th 03 2011

Desk of Material


1) Introduction1

2) Experiment Design2

* Apparatus2

* Methods2

* Procedure2

3) Results & Conversation

* Table and discussion3

* Graph and discussion 4-6

4) Conclusions & Recommendations6-7

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This research highlights the procedure to determine this kind of properties since modulus of elasticity in shear plus the torsion produce strength. Through the experiment, aluminium and gentle steel was used to demonstrate how the materials respond during the screening condition. Simply by measuring the applied torque with respect to the position of turn, the Torsional rigidity (GJ), the Modulus of Rigidity (G) and the shear deliver stress (П„) for ductile materials, gentle steel and aluminium. INTRO

The purpose of this experiment is to study also to compare the behaviour of ductile and brittle materials under decalage. This test is done using the torsion assessment machine. The torsion equipment used in this kind of experiment contains a diameter of 6mm with hexagonal ends. This research also provides to compute the Torsional rigidity (GJ), the Modulus of Solidity (G) and the shear deliver stress (П„) for ductile materials, gentle steel and aluminium. The modulus of rigid (G) serves as the ultimate goal, is available by G = To. lJв€…,

wherever T is a applied torque (N. m), l is definitely the length of target the torque being used and в€… is the angle of distort in radian. J may be the polar instant of inertia. The value of T can be found employing J sama dengan 132ПЂd4,

wherever d may be the diameter from the cross-sectional region.

The maximum shear stress, П„ can be expressed and found by simply

П„ = Big t. RJ

one particular

Deflection provide


Input shaft

Hexagonal sockets

Torque shaft

Input handwheel

Torquemeter result socket


Locking screws

Dial measure

Levelling side wheel

Figure 1: Decalage Testing Machine [1]


1) Aluminium and mild stainlesss steel

2) Torsion Testing Tools


In this research, the example of beauty (aluminium or perhaps the mild steel) was secured to the decalage testing products. One end of the example of beauty was turned by applying a rotational torque while the other end of the specimen was stored straight within a horizontal action by attaching it for the arm structure that is arranged to read the torque used. The control used to make the turning was used to balance the arm and torque gauge. When the apparatus was set to read zero degrees angle and torque, the position of turn can be induced. PROCEDURE

The mild steel specimen was secured for the loading gadget on the decalage testing machine. It was ascertained that there was clearly no preloading on the example of beauty. The hands wheel with the input worm gear was calibrated before the read out at the amp is actually zero before the test was began. Both symptoms at the input and the output shaft from the gear were set to actually zero reading. The dial measure of the settlement unit was also set to zero. Trend counter is then reset. To record the reading, the hand tyre is flipped through 90Вє and the value from the earthworm gear suggestions and the torque value from the digital colocar were registered. The steps had been repeated right up until 1080Вє and then the rotation of the hands wheel went on until fracture. The number of quality and optimum torque used was recorded. Same procedure was applied for aluminum and...

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