What would You Do? and New Product Design

1 ) I had a piece of chocolates cake

installment payments on your The librarian read the book to the learners.

3. The bucks was taken.

4. They are really paid upon Fridays.

five. The movie is being made in Artist.

6. My spouse and i washed my car three weeks before.

7. His hair was cut by someone that installs systems for a living.

8. Let me introduce you to my boss immediately.

9. It could have been set on the weekend.

10. The national anthem is being sung by Jason this time. answers..

a a p l p a p a p g

1 . Earning shoes in that factory.

installment payments on your People must not leave bicycles in the drive.

3. That they built that skyscraper in 1934.

four. The students is going to finish the course by simply July.

a few. They are restoring the pavements this month.

six. They make they of plastic material.

7. They may have finished the new product design.

8. We were holding cooking supper when I arrived.

9. Smithers painted 'Red Sunset' in year 1986.

10. Did the plan fascination you?

11. They had finished the preparations when the guests came. 12. You must take care once working on power equipment. 13. They are going to execute Beethoven's Fifth Symphony subsequent weekend. 16. Someone will speak Western at the conference.

15. Karen is going to put together the refreshments.


1 . ShoesВ are made in that manufacturer.

2 . Mountain bikes must not be remaining in the driveway.

3. That skyscraper was built in 1934.

4. The course will be finished by simply July.

5. The roads are staying repaired this month.

6. These tools are made of plastic material.

7. The brand new product style has been finished.

8. Supper was being cooked properly when I showed up.

9. Red Sunset was painted in year 1986 by Smithers.

10. Were you enthusiastic about the plan?

11. The preparations have been finished when the guests showed up. 12. Attention should be used when focusing on electrical equipments. 13. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is going to be performed next week. 14. Japanese will be spoken in the meeting.

12-15. The drinks are...

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